Dare of the Month

  • Do you usually wait for your husband to make the first move toward sex rather than initiating it yourself?

  • If so, this passivity in the bedroom can lead to these destructive patterns in your marriage:

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You are interested in sex but you don’t initiate.

Because sex makes men feel loved and needed, your lack of initiation makes him concerned about your love/need for him. To reassure himself, he begins to approach you more often for sex.

You feel pressured and avoid sex by turning him down. He then becomes more worried and approaches more often.

The cycle worsens as your sexual desire plummets as you feel more pressured.

You want sex less often than your husband so you rarely initiate.

He wants sex more often so he approaches you more often. You feel pressured and often say “no,” but occasionally you say “yes.” Over time, he begins to approach you more frequently for sex because he wants to get through all your “no’s” as quickly as possible so he can finally get to your “yes.”

Now you really feel pressured and your desire for sex drops even further, leading you to say “no” more often before you finally say “yes.” He then asks for sex even more frequently because there are now more “no’s” to get through before your “yes” finally happens. The cycle worsens as you begin to believe that all he cares about is sex.

Here’s how to prevent or reverse these intimacy-robbing patterns.

Become an initiator in the bedroom, just like the Shulammite was in the Song of Songs in the Bible. She creatively made the first move with her husband.

To help you get your Shulammite groove going, sign up for the “Dare of the Month” by following the steps outlined below.

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Step 1:

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Step 2:

The Dare of the Month will be just that—a dare for you to choose to either take or not take. If you take the dare, you will be initiating some type of sexual encounter with your husband. You might be dared to buy a box of Red Hots and leave them in your husband’s car with a sexy note attached, or you might be dared to plan a picnic for just the two of you in your bedroom.

Sometimes, there will be a Double Dare as well. For example, the dare could be the bedroom picnic while the Double Dare could be to show up naked for the picnic. The dare will not be overly graphic or rated R or X. It’s supposed to get you started, and then you can figure out what to do next.


If  you have a Dare of the Month suggestion, please email it to: dareofthemonth@cwives.com, but remember to make your suggestions rated PG or PG-13. Your creative ideas could help bless other marriages!
The Dare of the Month is a fun resource for helping wives more frequently and imaginatively make the first move. If you find that the monthly emails make you feel pressured or guilty, then please unsubscribe from them. There is a link for unsubscribing at the bottom of each email.